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Oysters and Razor Clams

Northwest Oysters
One of the newest appetizers we sell! These Pacific Oysters have a mild, sweet taste. These products have become very popular in many restaurants and especially throughout the summer months. We have taken select raw oyster and put it in a glass, added a little cocktail sauce, fresh horseradish and a squeeze of lemon for a very refreshing treat. Shooters are packed four per box and are shipped frozen. Refrigerate or keep frozen upon delivery.

Be sure to look at our High Pressure Cleaned Oysters below. Using cold pasteurization technology the oyster is pre-shucked without disturbing natures own protective wrapper - the shell. There are only two processors nationwide that use this process to remove bacteria from shellfish! Oysters are delicious baked or barbequed these oysters will delight your tastebuds. We have a limited supply so order now and beat the rush!

Razor clams
Razor clams were first found in Coal Harbor, Alaska in 1788, close to the Kenai Peninsula community of Homer. Razor clams are found in sandy, surf-swept beaches and coastal bays. Razor clams live their entire life in the same location as they are only able to dig themselves down deeper into the sand and the back to the surface again. They are not capable to move horizontally at all. They spend part of their time too deep in the sand, sometimes more than four feet, to be disturbed by clam diggers. Razor clam matures during their second year. The harvestable size is 3.5" and at the end of the second year they are about 4.5". Some of the old razor clams are know to have reached 7" size. After the second year their groth is minimal. Some razor clams in Alaska have attained the age of 18 years.

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Razor Clam Cakes (5 Cakes) Razor Clam Cakes (5 Cakes)
Razor Clam Cakes (10 Cakes) Razor Clam Cakes (10 Cakes)
Seafood Cake Sampler Seafood Cake Sampler
High Pressure Cleaned Oysters In Shell (One Dozen) High Pressure Cleaned Oysters In Shell (One Dozen)
High Pressure Cleaned Oysters In Shell (Two Dozen) High Pressure Cleaned Oysters In Shell (Two Dozen)
Razor Clams (4lbs) Razor Clams (4lbs)
20 Oyster Shooters 20 Oyster Shooters
7 Item(s) Show per page
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