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Alaskan Spot Shrimp

Spot Shrimp


Our Spot Shrimp is plump, juicy, and 100% natural. That's not easy to find, and we're proud of our fisherman's ability to constantly find the best that the ocean has to offer. Great as a salad topper of as a main feature in a seafood fettuccine, this shrimp will send your meals over the top with Alaskan taste.



10 Shrimp Cakes


Add shrimp for a unique twist to a favorite treat. Don't feel bad about having another though, these cakes only have 140 calories. That doesn't mean they lack the flavor, as is the case with many other "low calorie" foods. Think of it as 100% the flavor, 50% the fat! As always we use high quality ingredients for these cakes and select the best shrimp, and mix with our special spices for amazing flavor.


Alaskan Spot Shrimp

Riding along the swiftest currents, these succulent shellfish are caught by skilled fishermen using specially designed pots. The shrimp are exceptionally sweet and the firm texture enhances any recipe. Add them to fettuccini and top with a parmesan cream sauce. Or mound on fresh greens for a tasty seafood salad. As Sitkans will attest, "You haven't had real shrimp until you've tasted Alaskan Spot Shrimp."

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