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Dear %name%,
some things to end the month on

We can hardly believe it's nearly April. Tax deadlines are approaching,
one of the biggest prank days of the year is looming, and Halibut season
has just started. Yep, summer is coming closer and closer!

We're highlighting three of our combos that tend to be forgotten about
in the flurries of Halibut, King crab and King salmon. As great as those
three products are, we have some great combinations that include those
elements and also let you sample other exports of the Alaskan waters.


Spot Prawn & Dungeness


Huge Spot Prawns combine with our succulent and smooth tasting
Dungeness crab to complete one of the best Alaskan shellfish experiences
you can possibly have. Our Prawns are definitely not "Shrimp" and are some
of the largest, yet best quality and still flavor packed.

Healthy Finnfish Combo


4 pounds of King salmon, Rockfish, and Halibut.
You can't get any better than this. Why order single "large" fillets from gourmet
restaurants when you can have better quality fillets, and a total of 12 pounds!
What a deal.



16 Sockeye Salmon fillets


There's still more Sockeye. We have enough new Sockeye to continue selling
our 16 fillet combination that we shared the last few weeks. Salmon is always
popular, and Sockeye is no exception.

Deep red in color, firm in texture and popular in many special dishes.
The only thing that makes Sockeye better is the fact that it's Alaskan.

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