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The Ultimate Alaskan


We don't call it the Ultimate Alaskan for no reason. This combination of products offers great value and savings, while allowing you to experience the various wonders of truly Wild Alaskan Seafood. We don't mean to mislead you either, this combination is packed with everything you'll need to keep you going for quite a while!



The Southeaster


Anything with King crab has an unfair advantage, but when you're on the receiving end of it, why should you care!? This combo includes the grandfather of Alaskan seafood, the Red King crab, as well as world-famous Halibut and our super large Spot Prawns. Throw in some succulent Sea scallops and Silver salmon just for good measure too!


Samplers & Combos

For over 5 years people have been sending memorable Alaskan Harvest Seafood gifts to family, friends and business associates. We offer a wide variety of products and gift assortments to meet any gift requirement. And you have the security of knowing that you are giving the very best and our "Order with Confidence" guarantee.

Hints for a great gift experience:
If you decide to send frozen products make sure your recipient will be there to receive them. Surprises are great. However, coming home from out of town to a box of fish that has been sitting on your doorstep for weeks is not necessarily a nice surprise.

Ship early, this gives people a chance to plan that special meal for the holidays. It also avoids the last-minute holiday package delivery rush.

Make sure that you have current addresses for your recipients. If people prefer to have gifts delivered to the office try to let receptionists and mail rooms know so that gifts don't get lost after delivery.