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Smoked Seafood

Gourmet Smoked Salmon

We take our smoking process to new heights by marinating the fish in a special brine before sending it to the smoke house and smoking it slowly over a fire of alder, cherry and other hard woods. Hot-smoked salmon is allowed to dry, creating a glossy sheen that seals in moisture. Our pepper-smoked salmon is finished with a secret mixture of garlic, pepper, sesame and other select spices. Each step of the process is precisely timed to produce moist, flaky salmon with a rich, authentic smoky flavor! There's no better, easier way to create party platter than with a selection of this superb smoked salmon. Refrigerate or freeze upon arrival.


Sockeye Nova Lox (4 Packs)


The cornerstone of the New England diet! Lox are made from slim cuts of salmon and smoked to perfection. Great appetizers or sandwich toppers, Lox are also extremely famous for being featured as the main ingredient to a breakfast bagel all over the streets of New York.