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Jumbo King Crab Legs and Tenderloin Fillet Surf & Turf

Jumbo King Crab Legs and Tenderloin Fillet Surf & Turf

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Our sweet and firm jumbo size Alaskan King Crab is paired with tender Wild Alaskan beef for a celebration of the best that land and sea can offer. Invite a few close friends, melt some butter and light the grill - this is a treat that must be shared!

This mouth watering combination consists of 2 lbs. Jumbo King Crab and two 8 oz Wild Alaskan Tenderloin fillets. This beef is extremely healthy, 100% natural and wild beef. 

Cattle roams wild on the island of Umnak Island. The cattle are certified 100% Organic and are not exposed to any of the health risks and pollution that are part of life on major continents. With a population of only 64 people, and over 300 cattle, this is truly free roaming beef.

Secondly, this beef contains more than 6 times the amount of Omega-3, 7 times the amount of calcium, and 1.5 times the iron than other beef - FDA tested.