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Shipping & Delivery

All packages are sent via FedEx Home Delivery or UPS. However, depending on your location in the United States in some rare cases FedEx or UPS take an extra day. If that is the case we will pack the order accordingly so that it will last longer in transit. This will not change the way a package arrives, the condition or the contents of the package. Should you encounter a problem with your delivery service from FedEx or UPS, we encourage you to pursue typical tracking methods using the confirmation and tracking number that is sent after your order has shipped. Rest assured, we make every effort to ensure delivery is on the date FedEx or UPS have confirmed. If any further problems with your delivery arise, please contact our customer service.


At Alaskan Harvest, we guarantee our products for freshness, quality and presentation. We screen each individual product and it's packaging before it is even accepted into our inventory, and is again checked as it leaves our shipping facility. However, if you feel like your product's quality has been compromised, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your situation is remedied. Once you receive your package, we encourage you to check the contents thoroughly against your confirmation e-mails and packing slip. If you are missing a product or a product is damaged, contact customer service immediately, and place the products into a frozen environment. Occasionally, dependent on the situation and product, we may request that they be returned to us prior to a replacement being sent or a credit being offered. Please note that if the products are consumed entirely, no replacement or credits will be given. In certain circumstances you may be required to pay the return shipping, although we will make our best effort to find an arrangement that is reasonable for both parties. Customer retention is most important to our company.


To place an order for your own natural Alaskan seafood, either calling in through our toll free number listed on your catalog or on this website or using the website's automated ordering system are both great options. Should you prefer to order via the US mail, each of our catalogs include an order form which can be completed and sent in with payment. Our products all contain an item identification number which helps us confirm which items you are intending to order. Please include both the name of the product as well as the quantities, and the item code with your orders, and double check them against your order review and confirmation notices and contact us if you detect an error as we may correct the problem as soon as possible.

Gift Orders

Place a gift order is simple! Along with sending a package to a different shipping address, we also store information for your gift recipients in our system so that repeat gift orders are easy and quickly processed. If this is your first gift order, you may be contacted to verify that you have indeed intended to purchase a product, in an effort to combat potential identity theft. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we will not contact your gift recipient to confirm they are present at the shipping address at the time of delivery. We recommend that you arrange the delivery and confirm that someone will be available at the time of shipment to receive the shipment. We do not require a signature on our shipments, however we recommend that the packages are moved indoors to prevent damage or possible theft. Alaskan Harvest will not accept responsibility for products being damaged or stolen due to not being preserved properly.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

A variety of payment methods are accepted. Major credit cards, checks and money orders are all valid forms of payment. Please, we request that cash not be sent via the mail, as there is a risk that it could be lost or stolen. Ordering online through our website, or calling our toll free number are the typical ways of playing your order, however each catalog also includes a mail-order form that can be completed and with payment included, sent to us via the standard US mail. Your orders are reviewed, entered manually into our system to verify validity, and occasionally checked against our systems to verify their integrity. You may received a random telephone call or e-mail to confirm your order should it appear that malicious or unintended order placement has occurred, or if there happens to be an error. If you have used a credit card/debit card to order, your payments are processed approximately 24 hours before the order is packaged and shipped, which abides by the current US laws regarding mail-order payment processing. If you have any questions or a mistake/denial of credit affects your payment you will be contacted as soon as possible in attempts to rectify the situation.

Privacy & Security

We make every effort to protect the privacy of our customers. Not only credit card information, but addresses as well are prime targets for both legal organizations as well as identity theft rings and individuals. While we do retain this information in our systems, rest assured that we use updated security software and hardware to protect your information. Unlike many retailers, we do not share your personal information with other companies which increases your junk mail and spam e-mail. Protecting your name is our duty to provide excellent customer service, and we take it very seriously.

Viewing Orders

Through the years we have made numerous changes to our order confirmation e-mails and tracking systems. We are constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques to make sure that your information is both secure, but accessible to you. The safest, most reliable way to track and keep record of your orders is to save and print your order confirmation e-mails. These are sent routinely as we receive your order, and ship your package(s) to you. These e-mails should include your shipping information, as well as order content information, all of which should be ample in providing a record of your order history should you need proof or verification.

Updating Account Information

Keeping your account information up to date is extremely important to make sure that orders and catalogs that are sent to you arrive at the correct time and location. We also regularly send our promotion and informational e-mails that have proven to be important in offering special discounts on a variety of products we carry. Making sure that your e-mail information is also included and provided to us with your orders also helps you track your orders via the FedEx tracking information. If you would like to update your information, please contact Customer Service with your new information and we will correct it immediately.

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