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jumbo king crab legs

Jumbo Size King Crab Legs and Claws (6lbs. Pre-Split)


Pre-split Jumbo crab is identical to our other Jumbo crab legs, aside from convenience. These legs are sliced in half length sections and then split open along the leg, making them much easier to open and enjoy!



Jumbo King & Dungeness Crab Combo


Combine Dungeness and King crab for the ultimate Alaskan crab feast!

4 lbs. Dungeness crab Sections
4 lbs. Jumbo King Crab Butterfly-Split Legs & Claws

king crab and dungeness combination

Alaskan Seafood from Alaskan Harvest

We belive our Alaskan seafood is of the best quality you can get, other than going fishing for it yourself. From our fishermen to your door, we monitor every step of the process so you can order with confidence that you will get the freshest, highest quality seafood from Alaska.

We don't decide what tastes fresh. You do! And if you don't agree that our premium Alaska seafood is the most flavorful, freshest, firmest you've ever eaten, we'll promptly reship your order.

Alaskan Crab
We carry 3 major varieties of Alaskan crab:

If you've never had a bot of king crab with
melted butter, you owe it to yourself to try it out.
You'll immediately understand why it's a long
time favorite crab from Alaska. Try the pre-split
kind for easy preparation and eating without all
the effort. We also stock  Dungeness crab either
whole or in pre-cleaned sections along with
Opilio crab.

Alaska Seafood
We have an excellent selection of seafood from Alaska and beyond. Here are a few of our more popular Alaskan seafood items, ranging from mainstream to unique: