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Black Cod Fillets

Black Cod Fillets

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The Alaska Black Cod, also known as Sablefish, is a versatile seafood that is gaining popularity in today's culinary scene. This fish is renowned for its velvety, rich flavor, delicate texture, and high oil content, setting it apart from other bland fish varieties. The fresh-caught mild, moist, and flaky flavor of the Alaska Black Cod makes it a favorite menu item.

Not only is it delicious, but it is also low in calories and an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients. This makes it a perfect choice for a healthy diet. In fact, Black Cod contains more Omega-3 Oil than salmon!

Harvested in the icy, pristine waters of Alaska's Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska, this seafood boasts a white color and firm texture, marking it a true high quality fish fillet available. Its firm texture allows it to adapt well to various cooking methods, including baking, poaching, steaming, sauteing, or deep-frying.

With its moist, tender flake, Its mild, delicate flavor pairs well with a variety of sauces, herbs, spices, and flavored butters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great tasting and really healthy!

Elizabeth Paddock
King Salmon is fantastic as usual!

Salmon was superb

L. Yancey
Delicious Fish. (Exceptional Service)

Enjoyed the Black Cod. Look forward to re-ordering. Appreciated the professional call that ask my permission to ship on the best date vs. the first date available for shipping. Shipments are always perfectly packed to keep fish cold and timely received in Texas.

Suzanne Mckechnie

Fixed the Black Cod very simply. Pan fried with butter, garlic and a squeeze of fresh lemon. My mother raved about how wonderful it was. Can’t beat the quality!!

Great Salmon

!!!Great Salmon however the delivery was delayed; it took 7 days via FedEx. I phoned Alaskan Harvest once I was notified of the delay; customer service was very informative and helpful. Thankfully the dry ice kept the fish frozen enough that it was still safe to eat and the quality remained in tact. I will most definitely order from Alaskan Harvest again, but I will wait until Covid19 is under better control and delivery is not held up. Five stars!