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Shellfish Sampler

Shellfish Sampler

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The Shellfish Sampler is a gourmet delight for any seafood enthusiast. This premium selection of shellfish is perfect for a variety of dishes, from salads to casseroles. However, the sweet and succulent shellfish also shines when served au naturel, accompanied by a tangy sauce or melted butter.

Upon delivery, it is recommended to refrigerate or freeze the shellfish to maintain its freshness. The sampler includes a generous portion of 12 oz Wild Jumbo Prawns, known for their sweet, delicate flavor.

Also included in the sampler are 2 lbs. of Jumbo Red King Crab Legs, pre-split for your convenience. These crab legs are renowned for their rich, savory taste. The sampler is completed with 2 lbs. of Dungeness Crab Sections, a favorite for their tender, sweet meat.